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Some of the comments we have been receiving since we got our planning permission.

We have been receiving some great comments from people who have been closely watching what we are doing, friends and family of those involved in getting Strawberrycare live and even from the pioneers of the fantastic original purpose built dementia care home in Hogeweyk.

'Congratulations! Thank you for letting us know this wonderful news and well deserved after all the efforts and energy you put in this project and I hope the construction will go well.'

Jannette Spiering, Senior managing advisor/ founder The Hogeweyk

'Congratulations Phil, and to your team'

Health watch Suffolk

'I had a lecture this morning about dementia care and were discussing what happens to patients when they don't need hospital care but can't live alone. I spoke about the care village and the conversation was massive and all these future nurses were really fascinated by this amazing idea, I was really proud to say my Dad was involved.'

Daughter of one of the UK directors of Strawberrycare

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